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Never in our nation's history do I believe there has been a greater need for the inspiration which role models bring to the lives of our nation's young people—the leaders of our nation's future. Nor has there been any greater source of inspiration in my family's lives than heroes of faith and history.

In my years as a teacher at a Christian school, later at the college level, and in my conversations in church and the course of normal life, I have often been surprised—sometimes shocked—by lack of historical knowledge in many Americans. 

I believe that if we are to preserve the United States as a beacon of freedom in the world, our citizens must have an accurate understanding of our past, the intent of our Founders and of the principles that have made the United States a great nation.

Many Christians are also not aware of the workings of God in the history of the Church. They read in the book of Acts how God moved in direct ways, but have no idea that He continues to work in the lives of His people. To be able to see and hear how He has moved in the recent past can be a real “eye-opener” for many. Audience members; faith is strengthened when they hear the testimonies of others.

These observations, coupled with my passion for history, the Church, the education and inspiration of our youth—indeed people of all ages and all walks of life—birthed History Come to Life. The goals of our programs are to educate our audiences about significant historical people and events in a way that engages the total person, to help them gain an appreciation for the sacrifices and goals of those who have come before us, and to see how God has worked in and through His people to accomplish His purposes. Audience members can see, hear, and often interact with the historical person, and learning

becomes easy as they share in the experiences.

History Come to Life can help inspire and encourage them by bringing to remembrance, in a very tangible way, the great men and women who have gone before. Those who have faced difficult times and persevered. Those who stood for truth, righteousness and freedom. Those who went against the tide of the day and prevailed.

The heroes and heroines of History Come to Life can inspire the next generation of heroes to stand, and encourage their parents (heroes in their own right) to continue their course, in spite of the difficulties they may encounter.

Contact us today to see how we can help make your event one that will change time and eternity. May God bless you as you seek to serve.

Jim Hendry

Professor Jim Hendry passed away in 2015. The work of History Come to Life is being carried on by his wife, Shelley Hendry.

Jim Hendry portraying Patrick Henry.

Jim Hendry portraying Patrick Henry. 

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